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While was the home of the maestro Tom Jobim it wasn’t unusual to hear music around the house. That mood was conserved in the hostel through the colors and the laughs of bypassers. Besides, it also offers a nice open area with a delicious breakfast included. The house is a great beginning point to discover Rio de Janeiro from Ipanema, one of the city’s most famous neighbourood.



Think about the big names that marked and influenced the music around the world. Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and The Beatles are just some examples. Now imagine all of them disputing the biggest prize in the music world. In 1964 that really happened, but the music that won the Grammy, considered to be the Oscar of music, was Brazilian: ‘Girl from Ipanema’. The composition was made in 1962, the year that Tom Jobim moved to the house where now is Bonita Ipanema Pousada & Hostel. Only two years later the maestro and the poet Vinícius de Moraes’ letter ran the world, because was eternalized in João Gilberto and his wife Astrud Gilberto’s voices. The music made so much success that Frank Sinatra decided to record a bossa nova album and invited Tom Jobim to play with him. But both the maestro and the poet made much more than create the song that competes for the first place with The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’, the title of the second most rewritten music in the world. The duo eternalized Ipanema and made it become an obligatory stop for tourists. During three years, the Bonita’s walls listened the music of the friends Tom and Vinícius. Decades have passed, but it is still possible to hear this house’s story while walking through the corridors. It’s on the walls, at the bar and in the colours, which represents the happiness of two friends that have marked the music forever.

Explore Ipanema


Don’t go thinking that the only advantage to be booked in Bonita Hostel is to be close to one of the most famous beaches in the world. In this region, the tourism is during all day and night. So take a look on the tips and discover how to enjoy every second as a legitimate carioca.

Farme de Amoedo: The street, known as a point for the gay community is only a few steps from Bonita. Bars and parties make this region one of most exciting ones for those who wants to enjoy the night and know new people.

Feira de Copacabana: This open air night market exists since the 80’s and gathers from fashion items to antiques. It is also possible to appreciate the Copacabana’s beachfront at night while window shopping the handcrafted items made by locals.

Feira de Ipanema: For those who like handmade products, this market in General Osório Square is the best option. Every Sunday, cariocas and tourists alike get together in this open market to buy unique products.

Forte de Copacabana: The fort was built in the end of the 19th century to prevent the approximation of possible enemies’ ships on the Guanabara Bay. It was also scenario of many events that marked the Brazilian history, like the Movimento Tenentista. Today, it’s more known for having the Historical Museum of Army and Fort of Copacabana.

Café do Forte: The Confeitaria Colombo is one of the most traditional places in the city. And you can try its delicious snacks without having to walk a lot, as Café do Forte is inside of the Forte de Copacabana. There, you have the privilege to eat while enjoying the view of the beach.

Garota de Ipanema: Just 7 minutes walking from Bonita, the place is located at Vinícius de Moraes street for a reason. It wasn’t unusual to see him and Tom Jobim taking a break there, when the place was still named Bar Veloso. In fact, it was there that they saw Helô Pinheiro walking to the sea. That moment inspired the music that renamed the bar years later.

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas: One of the 2016 Olympics’ water sports scenario, Lagoa is one of the most enjoyable places in Rio for cariocas to ride a bike, roller blades and skates. From December to January is still possible to see the Lagoa Christmas Tree, the biggest floating tree in the world.

Pedra do Arpoador: The rock divides the beaches of Arpoador and Diabo. It is one of the favourite places of cariocas and tourists alike. There, some of them get together to clap the sunset, a tradition in the carioca beachfront.