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If you want to enjoy everything the city has best and travel to other places without worrying about displacement, don’t forget to take a look at our tours.

Top tours

There is no way you visit Rio and don’t go to check it’s main landscapes. So, spend some time visiting Cristo Redentor, Pão de Açúcar, Lapa and the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. And don’t worry with tickets and transportation: From Monday to Saturday, a touristic guide will show you the most incredible views, the most bohemian and historic places in the city for only R$ 235.

Carioca Tour

You truly want to know the city as a carioca? The landscape gets even more impressive when seen from Corcovado. The hill was chosen to receive Cristo Redentor, one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The van also goes to Floresta da Tijuca, one of the biggest urban forests in the world, and the neighbourhoods Lapa and Santa Teresa, known for the bohemian lifestyle and its history. From Monday to Saturday you can have all of these, including a tour guide, ticket and transfer around town and back to the hostel for only R$ 160.

Jungle Trip

Explore one of the biggest urban forest in the world. Created by the emperor Dom Pedro II, Floresta da Tijuca have a big part of the city’s fauna and flora, besides being a green oasis in the middle of the second biggest metropolis in the country. Explore caverns and enjoy three wonderful waterfalls in this sunny city. At last, visit Vista Chinesa and see Rio in a different angle. And from Monday to Saturday you can have fun with this amazing trip. Just don’t forget to wake up early, because the tour starts at 9 a.m.

Favela Tour

If you want to learn more in-depth about Rio’s history and culture, there’s nothing better than visit a carioca favela. There are two options of destinations: Rocinha, the biggest favela in America Latina, and Santa Marta, favela that was visited by the musician Michael Jackson. While touring at Rocinha, it is common to find some cultural manifestations, like capoeira circles. From the high top of the hill, an observatory with beautiful view of the shore will make you realise that all the walk worth it. And at the hill of Dona Marta, you will visit the place where the king of pop chose to film scenes of the clip “They Don’t Really Care About Us”. The place also received the first city’s Unidade de Polícia Pacificadora. Besides of the colourful, the hill also have a ‘plano inclinado’, that makes the climbing easier and more peaceful. Just don’t forget to take a photo with the bronze statue of Michael Jackson and enjoy the beautiful landscape. The visitation happens every day, with one hour between groups. From Monday to Friday you can choose to go at 10 a.m. or at 12 a.m. And on Saturdays and Sundays the tour is made at 12 a.m. Enjoy this unique experience for only R$ 110 and take a lot of memories with you.

Hike to Sunrise

Wake up early to have the amazing experience of seeing the sunrise from a privileged place. The hike takes around 40 minutes and starts at favela Vidigal. From there, you will continue through the forest until you reach the top of the Dois Irmãos hill. There you will have the chance to see Rio waking up for a new day for only R$ 120.

Asa Delta

Seeing the city from above is different than from land. Feel that experience of flying like a bird while admiring one of the world’s most privileged views. Bonita guides you to a hang gliding park and helps you live that amazing experience for only R$ 580. And, in case you get interested, you can choose to register that unique moment in photos and videos for an additional cost. The trip is realized every day, but for security reasons, it is subjected to climate conditions.

Buzios Tour

Búzios is where many cariocas travel to on holidays. The beaches are so beautiful many of them that appeared in many Brazilians TV programs. Nevertheless, the city also deserves recognition, with rock streets and a lot of stories to tell. Tour not only by land but also by sea and visit three amazing beaches. Besides the lunch, fruits are offered during the whole day. Pick any day of the week and wake up early to embark on this trip that starts at 7 a.m. For R$ 220 you can enjoy this wonderful travel and also visit places that you never thought visiting.

Ilha Grande Tour

Love going to the beaches and want to know others ones than Copacabana and Ipanema? Why not travel by land and sea to an island far away from the big metropolis? Travel by boat to three beaches at Ilha Grande, a place so isolated that had held a prison in the past. Besides the unique beaches, the travel includes lunch and fruits during the tour. You can go to this paradisiac sea any day for only R$ 200. And to take advantage of the sunny weather, the van leaves Bonita every day at 7 a.m. and only goes back at the end of the day.

Centro Histórico

The best place to know the Rio’s history is the centre of the city. The streets of the former capital of the Empire and the old Republic have a lot a story to tell, and now you can hear it. There are so many options to places to visit that you can try a new one each new day. But regardless of which place you visit, the day will always end the same way: samba right from the place where it was created.